Mould Remediation Equipment

Mould is a fungus that causes the decay of organic matter and its presence in human living environment is not good. In the first instance, the growth of mould on wall of any building whether in the exterior or interior wall present an ugly sight. It can spoil the beauty of your home especially painted walls. Secondly, it can also lead to economic waste. If mould grows in such materials as paper and food items, the items cannot be used again because mould remediation cannot be carried out on such items. Thirdly and the worst of it all is that the presence of mould in your home spell doom to your general well being. Exposure to mould can lead to some health problems.

In the light of the above, there is need for everybody to make effort in order to remove mould from our homes. Mould remediation is the process through which mould is removed from an indoor environment or from material such as wall and article of clothing. There are some tools that may be required for the removal of mould. Some of the tools are utilised for health reasons while some are used to facilitate the removal of the mould.


Protection Mould Removal Equipment

The use of safety equipment during the process of mould removal is very important. Any person embarking on mould remediation should endeavour to use the right protection equipment. This is because exposure to mould can lead to serious disease such as skin rashes, asthmatic attack, respiratory infection, nasal and sinus congestion and even eye affection. Beside the effects of exposure to mould, some of the chemicals used in carrying out the process of mould remediation may have some effect on the health of the person carrying out the process. If you are to carry out any mould remediation process whether in your home or in your office, you need to first of all get these mould remediation tools.

List of mould remediation protection tools are

·        Respirator: this is a very important mould remediation tool. The mould spores are very tiny. You can easily breathe them in when you are exposed to them. In order to avoid that, you need to cover your face with a respirator when you are removing mould from your indoor environment.

·        Eye wear: the eye is a very important sense organ of the body and should not be toiled with. Mould can affect the eye and as such you need to protect your eyes with eyewear whenever you are removing mould from your items or room.

·        Hand glove: this is use to protect the hands and the fingers from being contaminated with mould spores.


Equipment For Easy Removal Of Mould

This type of equipment is used to facilitate the process of mould remediation. They are as follow

1.      Moisture meter: as implicit from the name, moisture meter is used to measure the level of moisture in a building. There are two types of moisture meter, namely, pin moisture meters and pinless moisture meter.

2.      Humidity gauge: this is used to determine the level of humidity in an indoor environment. You can use them together with thermometer in order to measure the temperature.

3.      Digital camera: one may wonder how digital camera be used in mould remediation. It is only utilized in order to document mould assessment findings.

4.      Borescope: with this hand held tool, you can verify the potential mould right inside the walls, tight spaces, crawl spaces and even the ceiling.


Other mould remediation tools are

·        Thermographic camera

·        Dehumidifier

These mould tools are very important for the removal mould in a living place.

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